CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5)
18-20 April 2007 CERN
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Tuesday 17 April
Wednesday 18 April
Thursday 19 April
Friday 20 April
Saturday 21 April

Tuesday 17 April

Evening: "Savoyard" Dinner - CERN Restaurant 1.
The dinner will start at 19pm.
»»» Free for conference participants.
»»» Please register in the registration form

Wednesday 18 April

Evening: Welcome buffet offered by sponsors - CERN, restaurant 1. 
»»» Free for conference participants 
»»» All participants are invited

Thursday 19 April

Drinks sharing - CERN, restaurant 1

The wine sharing evening or drinks party is a chance to network with your workshop colleagues. It is a very informal evening and participants are invited to bring along a bottle of something to share. No official dinner is organised so participants are free to make their own plans for eating - either in the CERN restaurant or at a nearby restaurant.
Participants can buy in advance a voucher for the CERN restaurant which costs 17 CHF. It includes a main course dish (possibility of vegetarian dish), a drink, a dessert and a coffee. A special part of the dining room will be reserved for the OAI5 participants from 7pm onwards. For the wine-sharing event, please bring with you a bottle of wine (or some drinkable equivalent) from your country to share with other participants during the evening.  Glasses and ice will be provided,
»»» Dinner voucher: 17 CHF, please request in the registration form
»»» Drinks sharing is free for all participants. 

Friday 20 April


CERN computing centre (2pm - 5 pm)
The visit will start near the OAI5 conference auditorium with an introduction to CERN, presented by one of our guides, which lasts about 30 minutes, followed by a short film that lasts about 10 minutes.
The visit of the computing centre will let you discover the LCG (LHC computing Grid) which is designed to handle unprecedented quantities of data that will be produced by experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) from 2007 onwards. The LCG will provide a vital test-bed for the new Grid computing technologies that are set to revolutionise the way scientists use the world’s computing resources in areas ranging from fundamental research to medical diagnosis. The goal of the LCG is to use a world-wide grid infrastructure of computing centres to provide suficient computational, storage and network resources to fully exploit the scientific potential of the four major LHC experiments: ALICE; ATLAS, CMS and LHCb.
»»» Free for conference participants.
»»» Please register in the registration form - Places are limited to 48


Visit “Beautiful shores of Geneva”  boat trip (From 3pm)
One of the most beautiful ways of discovering the shores of Geneva. Guided tour in English lasting about 1 hour.  Please wear warm clothing.
»»» Cost: 14 CHF 
»»» Please register in the registration form


Traditional fondue or other Swiss specialites and entertainment - Geneva
Meal reserved for 7:30pm start. Aperetifs can be enjoyed in the restaurant from 6pm or earlier. We will meet directly at the EDELWEISS Restaurant, 2 Place de la Navigation in the centre of Geneva, phone 022-544.51.99.
Note: last number 9 bus back to CERN from Gare Cornavin: 00:19.
Noctambus runs from Gare Cornavin to Hôpital de la Tour at 00:40 , 01:00 , 01:20, 02:53 and 03:53 ; and to CERN at 01:38.
»»» Cost at participants’ own expense. Payment directly to the restaurant
»»» Please register in the registration form

Saturday 21 April

Excursion by coach to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc in France  (All day)
Passport necessary to cross the French border, check also whether or not you need a visa.
Sport shoes recommended.

A 90-minute drive by motor-coach through the picturesque Arve Valley takes you from Geneva to Chamonix, one of the most famous mountain villages at the foot of the remarkable and majestic Mont Blanc, the highest peak of Europe (4,807 metres).
Lunch (drinks excepted) included in the price of the excursion. During this excursion you have some additional options to choose:
This rocky peak at 3,82 meters and next  to Mont Blanc is reached in 20 minutes by a two-stage cable car. The summit offers unique panoramic views of the Chamonix valley and major peaks of the French, Swiss and Italien Alps.
A comfortable electric rack-railway conveys passengers from Chamonix to Montenvers at 1,913 meters, a vantage point with fine views of the Mer de Glace. This magnificent glacier is 7 km long and 200 metres deep.
»»» Prices:
- Excursion by coach to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc (lunch included): 144 CHF
- Excursion by coach to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc + Aiguille du Midi (lunch included): 205 CHF
- Excursion by coach to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc + Mer de Glace (lunch included): 183 CHF
- Excursion by coach to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc + Aiguille du Midi + Mer de Glace (lunch included): 244 CHF
»»» Please register in the registration form


Visit of one of CERN’s experiments ATLAS ou LHCb,   (In the morning from 9:00am – 12:00 am) - No more place available, registration closed
The visit starts at the CERN Reception (building 33). Do not forget to carry your passport with you, and your visa if needed, because the visit itinerairies can be either in France or in Switzerland. Sport shoes are recommended ; for security reason high-heels are not allowed.
Participants signed up for this visit will be guided, by one of our English speaking guides, to see one of the underground detectors for the new LHC experiment. The introductory conference and the video projection followed by the tour will take approximatively 3 hours.
»»» Free for conference participants.
»»» Please register in the registration form - Places are limited to 24

Guided visit to Geneva Old Town  (In the afternoon)
Stroll through 2,000 years of Geneva’s history. The tour includes 25 points of interest taking in the paved streets of the old town, the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), the Cathedral St-Pierre, the old arsenal and the Reformation wall. You will be guided on this walking tour by a guide from the tourist office.
»»» Cost: 20 CHF per person
»»» Please register in the registration form

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