CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5)
18-20 April 2007 CERN
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Complete the Form to register for the Conference, the tutorials, the accomodation and the social events.

Please read the practical information before completing the registration form.


For the conference fee and the social events, payment must be made in advance.

Please provide us with full payment as soon as possible. If payment is not received by 31st of March, registration will be cancelled by the organisers.

In case of cancellation before 31st March, a reimbursement will be processed, but the bank transfer will be at the participant's expense. There will be no refund for cancellations received after 31st March 2007.

Payment details:

Payment can be made:
- By e-banking:
IBAN: CH66 0024 0240 FP10 0541 3
Account holder : CERN-CONFERENCES
It is VERY IMPORTANT to indicate the following details with your payment: "OAI5 T371107", your name and your registration ID sent in the confirmation mail you will receive.
Please note that you must pay any bank charges for this transaction, which you should add to the total of your registration fees.

- By cheque:

IMPORTANT: Cheques for any currency listed in our exchange rate table are accepted. Your invoice will be calculated in Swiss Francs (CHF) and you will need to calculate the equivalent sum in your own currency using the exchange rate in the table. Please direct any questions about this to the organisation committee.

Please make all cheques payable to 'CERN Conferences' and send them to the following address:
CERN Library - OAI5 Organization
Susanne Schaefer
CH-1211 Geneva 23
IMPORTANT: Please ENSURE the following reference: "OAI5 T371107", your name and your registration ID are written on the back of the cheque.


How to get to CERN by train or car?

Easyjet|Virgin|Low cost flights to Geneva|Geneva International Airport|Swiss International Airlines


Transport Public Genevois
Buses run in Geneva from 6:00 am until midnight with occasional night buses, outside these hours call a taxi on 022 320 22 02. Bus itineraries & timetables .

Passport & visa

Ensure your passport is valid until well after you plan to end your trip; if it is due to expire in that time, renew it before you depart.

Check also whether or not you need a visa.

See http://www.foreigners.ch for exact details, and check with your local Swiss embassy or a reputable travel agency before travelling.

Travel and accommodation grants

OSI (Open Society Institute) has generously offered to sponsor a number of participants from developing and transition countries for attendance at the OAI 5 Workshop.

Candidates can read more about the criteria and application process and if interested, should apply before March 5th.


If you would like to book a room in the CERN hostel please fill in the relevant section of the registration form as soon as possible because availability of rooms is limited.

If you prefer to book a hotel in town, please consult the list of recommended hotels.  We advise a location near the airport or Cornavin train station from where it will take half an hour or less to reach CERN by bus.

The Swiss Tourist Office can also assist in booking a hotel room.

Arrival procedures

If you arrive at CERN between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm go to the CERN General Reception in Building 33 (open from Monday – Saturday) near to the bus stop and at the side of the car park. The access cards for each registered participant will be available there. If you have reserved a room in the hostel, see details on obtaining your room key.

If you arrive at CERN between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am (and you have  booked a room at the Hostel) you can pick up your access card and room key at Entrance B, next to the bus terminus.

Moving around in/out CERN

You should carry your badge at all times - especially if you leave the CERN site.

Please note that after 7:00 pm and at weekends Entrance A (the entrance nearest to the hostels and workshop location) is closed.
Between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am you must use Entrance B (main entrance).


A printed plan of the CERN site will be available from the welcome desk or ask at the CERN reception or entrance.

CERN buildings

Bus terminus

CERN Reception

Hostel Reception

Main workshop room

OAI5 Organisation Team (office 3/1-017)

Social events

Partners are wlcome to attend all social events. Please contact oaiworkshop-organisation@cern.ch for details.

You are invited to the register yourself to the social events when you fill out the conference registration form.

Consult the list of social events.
Food and drinks

Please note that lunches are included in the conference fee.

For those who choose accommodation at CERN, please be aware that breakfast is not included in the accommodation price. However you have the possibility to order and pay in advance for breakfast vouchers at 5.20 CHF /voucher:
Each voucher includes:
-One hot drink
-One orange juice
-One croissant
-One piece of bread + butter + jam  
You have also the possibility to pay by cash directly to the restaurant.
»»» Please order the vouchers using the registration form

A self-service restaurant is available on site, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks and other snacks are served outside meal times. Coffee/tea and croissants will be served to participants in the morning break and coffee/tea in the afternoon break. Prices for a meal range from 10 to 20 CHF.

Restaurant 1 Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 07:00 am - 00:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 07.00 am - 11.00 pm.
Coffee and a small snack will be served during the breaks in the workshop programme.

Other service points
There are kitchens and drinks machines in the basements of each hostel building.

Communications / Network


During your stay in Geneva, you can read your mail on the computers in the CERN Central Library. There are 6 PC's and 14 X-terminals. There are several options for reading your email - you can use any available protocol for accessing your own mailbox, e.g. http, Telnet, SSH, FTP, etc. A temporary username and password will be included in your welcome pack and will allow participants to use the Library's machines.

Wireless ans sockets for network access are also available in many locations. Preregistration is required (See below under Laptop)


BEFORE arrival at CERN, participants are strongly encouraged to register their laptop in order to allow access to the CERN network.
When you are asked for a contact person at CERN you can enter the details of: Tullio Basaglia, Group SI, Department DSU.
See More information

Wireless network is available in most conference rooms, in the Library and also in the hostel (building 38 and 39).
Network sockets are available in some public areas including the Library.

Swiss adaptors are needed to adapt to a Swiss power socket (three pin). A small number of Swiss adaptors will be available to borrow from Susanne Schaefer.


Public phones using both cards and coins, are located in the Main Building (Building 500), in the Post Office, in the hostels (Building 38 and 39), etc. Phone cards with cheap rates for calling abroad can be purchased at the Post Office (Building 63), and at the newspaper stand (Building 501-Main Building)
Using the telephone:
For calling on site, use only the last five digits of the phone number (e.g. 72431 instead of 76-72431).


If you need to send a fax, you can use the Publifax at the Post Office, or ask Susanne Schaefer (office 3/1-017, tel: 72431 from inside CERN), part of the OAI5 organisation team.


Currency and exchange rate CERN restaurants and shops on site will accept either Euros or Swiss Francs (though they have a preference for the latter).  All change is given in Swiss Francs.

CERN Post Office provides:
* a complete financial service (payments, orders, post office accounts)
* a mailing service
* other services (Publifax, phone cards, stamp collectors' service, telephone booths, packet kit sales service).
Location: Building 63 (Main Building)
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Closed during week ends
Telephone: 022-767 27 98
Fax: 022-782 44 06

UBS Bank Office is located in Building 500 and open between Monday and Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.
Swiss Franc and Euro cash dispensers with a very wide credit card range are also placed near the bank, available 24 hours a day.

Telephone: 022-783 21 88 or 022-783 21 84 (Building 500)
Fax: 022-783 21 69

The shop, located in Building 501 next to the restaurant, is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday). You can buy cigarettes, Swiss chocolate, newspapers, postcards, phone cards, etc.

The petrol station opposite CERN entrance B sells a small selection of food, newspapers, drinks (including alcoholic drinks) and cigarettes and is open later than the CERN shop and at weekends. For later-opening shops it is necessary to go further from CERN using the bus.

Geneva is the nearest city and easiest place to reach for shopping and sightseeing and there you will need Swiss Francs although major shops accept Euros and credit cards. Note, most shops in Geneva are shut on Sundays.


In case of any questions please contact:

Susanne Schaefer, Anne Gentil-Beccot or Joanne Yeomans
Mail: oaiworkshop-organisation@cern.ch
Phone number: +41-22.767.24.31 (or 72431 from inside CERN).

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